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Our Online Lessons

The best type of help you can give a student will always be private, one to one tuition. However it is not always the practical solution.

Our online lessons offer an alternative, cost effective option. They allow students to study in their own time and at their own pace whenever and wherever they are.

All our lessons utilize touchscreen technology allowing you to work entirely without pen and paper. Gone are the days where you try and squeeze a sheet of A4 in front of the keyboard!

Students can do the entire working out onscreen and then input the answer without ever needing to write anything down on paper ever again. Provided you have a touchscreen enabled device, you have everything you will ever need to study mathematics.

Why Touchscreen Works

Touchscreen devices are becoming common place in our homes and workplaces, yet it is still a fairly new technology in education. Many schools still depend entirely on pen and paper, yet our children are growing up in a world that is only a touch away.

Our online lessons bring the world of mathematics to your fingertips, whenever, wherever you are.

Students no longer need to find a pen and paper to do their work. They no longer need to use the desk in a remote location of their house. They can work in a location that is best suited to their learning style whenever they have the time.


Many students struggle to do their homework, despite knowing how important the practice is.

For most, this is caused by an inability to actively decide to:

All these hurdles can stop a student from doing their homework yet with the use of technology they can all be removed.

With our online lessons, you never need to worry about forgetting which question to do, never need to worry about mistakes, can work in a location best suited to your learning style and stay with friends or family who can help you when required.

Lost homework

With our touchscreen enable lessons, all your work is in one place. Safe and Secure. Never again will you have to worry about losing your homework or… “the dog eating it”! Sorry!


When finished, a student will receive instant feedback. No more waiting for your teacher to mark your homework… by which time you have forgotten even doing it!

Your work will be marked instantly with corrections and full working out available for each question. This will allow you to understand your mistakes while they are still fresh in your mind.

Parents can keep up to date with their child’s progress via an emailed report after each lesson. See your child’s progress as their knowledge and understanding increase with each attempt.

Aim for gold! Students who obtained a perfect score will receive a gold medal next to the relevant topic. These medals will help you to see which topics you still need to practice and which you have mastered.


Until the end of January 2019, membership of our online lessons is completely free. Don’t miss this chance, register today!

When this offer expires, students who are in receipt of private tuition will continue to receive full free access to the site. Others will have to purchase a subscription.